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Month: October 2017

Identifying Carpet Deterioration

orange carpet

Your carpet is a major investment in your home but not a permanent one. Over time, carpet wears down and needs to be replaced. This need can be delayed based on the quality of carpet pad and carpet your purchase as well as the level of care you practice in maintaining the floor. But, no matter what, over time carpet does wear down.

The question is, how do you identify whether a carpet is deteriorating or whether it is just dirty and needs cleaning or care? Here are some factors for identifying carpet deterioration and determining if it is time for new carpet in your home:

(1) Age

Depending on the carpet fiber, most carpets are made to last around 10 years. Durable carpet such as nylon or wool can last up to 15 years if cared for properly.

Proper care includes routine vacuuming and scheduling an annual deep carpet cleaning appointment from a local service. We won’t go into detail on how professional carpet cleaning helps extend the lifetime of a carpet. If you are interested, visit the website of Chem-Dry of Brazos County.

If it’s been 10 years or more since your carpet was installed and you are noticing signs of color fade and wear, it’s a good indication that it is time for new carpet.

(2) Flat

New carpet is resilient and able to withstand foot traffic and pressure. New carpet is able to return to its shape and form after stepped on whereas over time, old carpet will remain flat.

Deep cleaning can return carpet fibers to their original state but if cleaning isn’t successful in doing so, it is a sign the carpet will no longer return to a plush and buoyant state.

(3) Fade

New carpet tends to be bright and bold with a sheen to it after it is first installed. Dirt and traffic can reduce the color and shine but cleaning will return it if the carpet is still in good condition.

If cleaning does not return the color to the carpet then it is likely permanently gone. If you want a bold and colorful carpet you will need to purchase new carpet for your home.

(4) Tears

If you start to notice tears in carpet it is a sign that the durability of the carpet is gone and there is nothing left to protect the fibers and backing from ripping at the seams after traffic or use.

You cannot repair tears in carpet seams and will need to replace the section of carpet or the entire wall-to-wall carpet in the event a tear occurs.

(5) Stains

You will notice that stains are easier to remove from new carpet. This is somewhat due to the manufacturer stain guard and the fact the fibers are healthy. It is harder to remove stains from older carpet and stains that might have been able to be removed in the past will now become permanent.

If permanent stains are occurring across the surface of the carpet you should consider replacing it with a new floor.

How to Extend the Lifetime of Your Roof

home roof

A roof in the best possible shape for the longest possible time is like a return on your investment and reward of all the efforts that you put in!

No matter how big or small is the facility, roof is a huge investment and you can’t think of furbishing it anytime sooner than necessary.

Replacing is certainly expensive but a leaking or collapsing roof is even more dangerous. Hence it is necessary that you put your efforts towards maintaining it in good shape so as to prolong its life. Here are some tips to assist you with the same:

  1. Cleaning the gutters: If you think that clogged gutters can only ruin the side paint or wets the basement then you need to know more. If the gutters are not clean or have build-up of autumn leaves causing the clogging then the overflow can go upward which can wick water into the layers of roof and thus make it weak and leaky. Hence it is necessary that you clean the gutters on a regular basis during fall and spring so as to ensure there is no clogging which can rot the roof.
  2. Prevention against moss and mold: There is a difference between algae and moss. While algae is something which doesn’t damage the roof, moss traps water and thus weakens your roof. Algae can be washed away with chlorine bleach but moss requires strong agents like zinc sulphate. If you keep on cleaning your roof regularly then you may stop the moss from building up but if they have already made their den then you might have to kill moss first. Also, if the moss is quite prevalent in your area then you can install zinc strips on the roof to stop them from coming back.
  3. Reflective Roof Coating: Just like any other coating, roof coating also help in creating a barrier between the uppermost layer of the roof and the damaging elements. Reflective coating helps in increasing UV and waterproof protection on the roof and thus saves from leaks and wearing down of membranes. Also, it keeps the roof cool as it minimises the effect of summertime heat. It slows down the damage process thus adding years to the life of the roof.
  4. Trimming of overhanging branches: Large branches can scrape and abrade the roof shingles especially in stormy weather. Branches should be at a distance of 10 feet away from the roof so as to decrease the growth of the molds and keep the pests away which can gnaw the surface of the roof. Hence trimming of branches can prevent utmost damage.
  5. Inspections: Last but not the least, it is necessary that you consult an expert and carry out proper inspection of the roof at least twice a year. Inspection is the foundation of regular maintenance and this will help you in taking a note of all those precautions which should be undertaken by the roof. This would also help in detection of problems in timely fashion and thus protecting from last minute surprises.