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DIY Demolition Tools

circular saw

You can save some money in hiring a home contractor for a kitchen remodel by performing various parts of a home remodel on your own. One piece of the project you can complete is demolition of the current kitchen in your home.

You can save a few hundred dollars or more if you complete the demolition but you will need to rent or own the right tools. Here are the DIY demolition tools you need:


You will need to unscrew cabinets and countertops from the wall and base units. A cordless drill is much easier to use as it offers access to more difficult angles and won’t get tangled or unplugged in the process. Most homeowners will already own a cordless drill so you shouldn’t need to purchase this tool specifically for the demolition.


A reciprocating saw has a back-and-forth motion that will cut through wood and nails and help to cut base units and cabinetry in half for easy removal from the kitchen and to the dumpster or recycling bin. You can rent a reciprocating saw from the local hardware store for the weekend of the demolition for a reasonable cost.


You will need pliers and clippers to remove appliances from the wall or old nails and screws attached to the various cabinets and kitchen components. You should already have a pair of pliers in your tool bag and wire clippers are available for $10 or less at the hardware store.


This is the fun part. You can use a sledge hammer to know down drywall and the walls of the room. You can knock out kitchen islands with this powerful tool. You just need a little elbow grease.


Be sure to wear the proper safety gear during your kitchen demolition. You should wear work gloves as well as safety goggles and a hard hat. You can purchase all of this gear at the hardware store for around $20 total. You should not begin the demoltion without this gear as safety should always come first in any home repair or home remodel project.