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Questions for Hiring a Home Contractor

home contractor

The home contractor you choose to hire for a home build or home remodel will be the most important decision of the entire project. You want to be sure you are 100% comfortable with the contractor you decide to hire.

You can help ensure you are making the right choice by asking the right questions for hiring a home contractor. If the answers give you confidence, you will know you are making the right choice for your project.

Here are the questions we recommend you ask a contractor before you hire him or her:

“How Many Years Have You Been in Business?”

You want to hire a contractor that has several years of experience in the business. A good home contractor will have had previous experience in various repair trades and should have a resume of several finished projects and satisfied customers.

An experienced contractor will have learned how to set reasonable expectations and timelines and complete a project on time. The number one complaint of customers about home contractors is that the job took longer than estimated. An experienced contractor is likely to have a much better idea of the length of a project.

“How Much Time Will the Project Require?”

This is the number one question for home contractors other than the cost of the project. You must agree on an expected completion date before hiring a home contractor.

“Are You Licensed/Certified?”

This one is a deal-breaker. You do not want to hire a home contractor that isn’t licensed and certified in the repairs and installations they will perform on your home. You can research the necessary licenses for home contractors in your state. Your insurance company is unlikely to cover any work done by an unlicensed contractor.

“Are You Insured?”

This is another deal-breaker. Your home contractor and all employees need to be insured in the various repairs and projects they will complete on the home. You do not want to find yourself being held responsible for any kind of medical or injury costs of the home contractor and his employees.

“What is the Payment Process?”

You should be suspicious if the home contractor wants the entire payment upfront. You should expect to pay a percent up front for initial labor and materials and then additional payments at various milestones throughout the project with the final payment coming once the job is 100% complete to your satisfaction.

“Do You Offer a Warranty?”

Reputable home contractors will offer a warranty for anywhere from one month to one year after their services are complete. We recommend hiring a contractor that offers a warranty for peace of mind long after the project is complete.

“What Does a Day Look Like?”

You should get an idea of what an average day during the project will be like. When will the home contractor and the crew arrive? When will they break and when will they leave? You don’t want to be at the mercy of random schedules and work hours every day if you are currently living in the home.

There are several other questions you might have for a home contractor but the ones we have provided above are a good start and a good indication of what the home contractor will be able to deliver.