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Types of Kitchen Countertops

kitchen countertops

We discussed how to choose cabinets in our last post and now it is time to decide how to choose the right kitchen countertop for your home.

The countertop is often a focal point of the kitchen so you want it to be stylish. The countertop also needs to be durable and functional in order to properly prepare meals on it.

You need to know your options before you decide which countertop is right for you. These are the types of kitchen countertops to choose from:


Laminate countertops are the cheapest choice of the three but are still very high in quality. You can choose from hundreds of colors and styles when determining which laminate countertop to buy. Laminate is also extremely easy to clean and the surface is water-resistant too.

The downside is that there are visible seams between each piece for larger surface areas and laminate is not heat-resistant so you will want to place hot bowls and pots and pans on a cloth.


Granite countertops are stunning and very high-quality. A granite countertop is made from 100% natural stone and is naturally heat-resistant. The surface is extremely smooth too which makes it the perfect surface for baking. The surface is also stain- and bacteria-resistant if sealed correct.


Quartz countertops are the most durable of the three options. The stone resists heat and bacteria like granite but it does not need to be sealed as it is one large slab. You have less colors and styles to choose from but the construction is the best of the three.

For several years, granite countertops were the clear favorites for new homes and remodels. It is easy to understand why. But in recent years, the quality and style options of laminate countertops have greatly increased to where laminate is now both an affordable and quality choice.

You can save yourself several hundreds of dollars if you are willing to select laminate countertops over the natural stone choices. That being said, it is very hard to argue with the beauty and durability of both granite and quartz countertops.